16 FREE Nail Foil Stickers From Born Pretty

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First Go to this link HERE And Retweet this message then go to this Link Here to get the 16 FREE Nail Foil Stickers  and enter coupon code: FBREPLY2011 -this will make it 100% FREE! Their site is getting swamped with traffic right now which is causing their servers to crash, so it may take some time to get this freebie to work.

Click Here for all of the giveaway details

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  1. Jada says

    Got it! Took 40 minutes to get through all stages of the check out process…but I saved $5.37 with this code! Thank you.

  2. Annalisa D. says

    Make sure you leave the link to your tweet in the Order Comment section! Your tweet will have a date at the bottom, click the date and that is your tweet link. Also, it only let me checkout through PayPal, so make sure you have an account there.

  3. says

    “Our records show that you have used this coupon 1 time(s). You may not use this code more than 1 time(s).” I did get a free one last time a code was up. I guess it was the same one?

  4. Jonathan says

    Where do I put in what nail sticker# that I want? I don’t see anywhere where I can put in the style #, unless do I put that into the order comments section?

  5. Silvia says

    I put the coupon code in. and it discounted it. and I used PayPal. but I still got charged $1.59. even though it said $0.00 and checkout.

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