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  1. Angela says

    I can’t get the Huggies website to work for me. When I try to sign in, it just reloads the sign-in page. Anyone else having this issue?

    • says

      Been having the same problem for the last 7 days. Their customer service is so bad I haven’t even gotten a response about fixing this problem.

  2. lisa says

    ok, i’m glad other people have been having a problem with this site also…i go in the sign in part..put in my email and password…i am positive i put it in correctly, well, it doesn’t get me in….huh?

  3. Laura says

    I can get in, but the page looks completely different. Then it tells me that, in order to keep having the rewards, I need to update my account, after that it signs me off saying that the website is taking a nap.

  4. Sam says

    A very helpful person at Huggies had a fix for this problem. She said their website is not compatible with IE9. So you have to click on the compatibility view to solve this problem. If you can’t find the icon in the url address bar when logging in. try this: click the ALT key once. A new drop down menu should appear in the upper left of the page. Click TOOLS, then click COMPATIBILITY. Either add this site to the compatibility view list, or check the box that views all site in compatility view. Then try to log in. If it tells you the site is taking a nap, get off of the huggies page completely and start new.

    Hope this helps.

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