50 FREE Bonus Disney Movie Rewards Points Code

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To get 50 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points enter code: HPNY17635JDT -Valid until January 15. Right now their site is loading very slow, so it may take a while to get this.

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  1. Heather R says

    I have seen web sites that gives you free points to collect etc & seems like every one I tried wasn’t a “valid code” We just started collecting disney rewards & I’m proud to say this code worked giving our family 50 free points.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
    Does anyone know if you can only use this code once? I would imagine so, or else people would be entering that code all day long.
    Thank you once again
    The Ryan Family

    • jen says

      You can only use the codes once for the disney rewards. also if you get the emails every month you get 5 more points. since i started I have 998 points. The site is running slow for me and I keep getting errors so I haven’t been able to get the 50 yet.

  2. Crystal Feaster says

    If you click on the add points when logged in next to log out you should come to a page with really short surveys I believe one is for 25 points one for 50 points and one for 100 points for a total of 175 points!! The surveys might be 10 questions so its totally worth it!!

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