FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Point Codes

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To Get FREE Kellogg’s Family Rewards 20 Points  Sign-up or Login. Below are the current available codes that are still available. -Also be sure to keep checking this post for all of the latest updated codes.

  • ATASTEOFTRUELOVE – 50 points (posted on 2/14)
  • KFRISCRAZYFORYOU – 25 points (posted on 2/13)
  • EVERYONESAWINNER – 25 points (posted on 2/6)
  • SPECIALPTSFORYOU – 25 points (posted on 1/31)
  • HURRAYFORGAMEDAY – 49 points (posted on 1/28) Exp. 2/4
  • KFRTHANKYOU50PTS – 50 points (posted on 1/4)
  • KFRTHANKYOU25PTS – 25 points (posted on 1/4)
  • MAGICOFBREAKFAST – 20 points (posted on 10/9)
  • BACKTOSCHOOL2014 – 50 points (posted on 7/21)
  • GETFUELFORSCHOOL – 50 points (posted on 7/09)
  • NUTRITIONINABOWL – 50 points (posted on 6/24)
  • EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points (posted on 1/7)
  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 = 20 Points (posted on 1/2) -Thank You, Linda!
  • EARNGREATREWARDS = 20 points (posted on 12/30)
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points

From time to time they will also email out bouns codes. You can also purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products like cereal, crackers, and snacks (participating products and their point values) and enter the 16 digit code found inside the item to earn points.
You can redeem your rewards to get Coupons, Discounts, Gift Cards, Sweepstakes & Instant Wins, Books, Music, Magazines, Electronics, Toys & Games, Housewares/Kitchen and Apparel & Gear

(Thank You so much to all of the Hunt4Freebies readers that contributed to this post!!)

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  1. Vickie H says

    They do have coupons $1.50 for 100 pts right now (ex eggo’s and pop tarts)
    Also grocery bags are 1,000 pts instead of 2000. (I picked up one and hopefuly will get my second for my grandson)

  2. Christina says

    There is also bonus 200 pts for Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® and +500 for Kellogg’s® Pop-Tarts® Sugar Cookie or Gingerbread!

  3. Betty Modglin says

    We got 4 big boxes of Cereal double bags inside and they don’t have numbers inside. Two Kelloggs Raisin Brand and two Mini Wheats. We bought them at Sam’s. Have got a box of 28ounce Frosted flakes that didn’t have any numbers inside.Just wondering why. Betty

    • Lance says

      Look for the Kellogg’s Family Rewards logo on the box. If the box does not have the logo … 98% of the time … there will not be any codes inside. I only learned this after purchase many items without the logo and wondering the same thing. Hope this helps Betty.

  4. Anthony says

    I wonder if there is an easy way to make up codes…. If you think about it, all of the boxes that have codes are already sitting in the market. Its not like they activate the code after the box is sold, they are just waiting to be used. If someone could hack the system there could be an infinite amount of codes.

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