71 FREE Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Points

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Get 71 FREE Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Points we have had many email requests to start posting the FREE Huggies points, so we will post these as they become available. Here are some FREE points to get you started. Thank you Lena for your help with these codes!

• BKWHD MMLPC XCPGB (25 points)
• BKKDN LKMKH RHPGB (5 points)
• BKKCS BBMSP NSPGB (5 points)
• BKKJS JHSWM ZWPGB (5 points)
• BKJXZ HTTFN BSPGB (5 points)
• bkjzh trkcn dppgb (5 points)
• BJKGW QMBTS RCPGB (5 points)
• BJRJL BZZLF BDPGB (5 points)

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  1. Anne says

    Thank you! I bought the Starbucks Card last week. Now I need to build my account back up. I see from your list I missed some.

  2. april says

    for some reason ever since i updated yo internet explorer 9 the other day i cant sign in on huggies rewards…it actually shows the letters when i am typing them into my password and when i hit enter it never does anything

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