FREE $5 Best Buy Gift Certificate From Shopkick (iPhone/Android Users)

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When you go to your Shopkick Application on your Smartphone and check-in to Best Buy you will get a FREE $5 off Best Buy Certificate. You can check-in right on your phone, you don’t have to go into Best Buy to get the $5. The coupon needs to be used by April 28, 2011. Please Note, This offer maybe for existing Shopkick users, but if you keep this app installed they do offer some awesome perks!

If you don’t have the ShopKick Application you can download it here or on your Android or iPhone.

Shopkick App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on iTunes

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  1. Tash says

    How do you do this. I downloaded it and can’t figure out how to get to best buy- it’s not showing under stores

    • Bailey says

      If you live close to a Best buy store it will show up, but if you don’t then you will have to go near the store so it will come up on your phone so you can click the store.

      Gosh I hope that made sense, I’m on a very old computer.

        • Ryann says

          If you check-in to stores on your app everyday and get 500 points you can earn gift cards and some other stuff, so you can get free stuff that way too. It adds up especially if your out alot.

      • Ryann says

        I was just going to say that, shopkick picks up your location, so as you travel you will notice different stores coming up as you get closer to them. So if you live close to BB, then you could check-in from your house, but like Bailey said you will have to get closer so that you see best buy on your phone. It’s a pretty sweat app though

  2. kitty says

    mine shows that it’ll expire on the 04/29/11 i so wish it would expire on saturday or sunday i have been thinking of buy a new laptop since the casing for this one is totally broken! it goes flat if i dont be very careful and put something heavy on the back of the screen.

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