FREE $10 Lot 18 Credit

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Get FREE $10 Lot 18 Credit this is a daily deal site. Sign up and you’ll get a $10 credit in your account. Many members have been getting FREE Wine and other free stuff with the FREE credit!

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    • Tara says

      Could you show me how to get $19.99 bottle? I registered and get $10, that’s it, nothing more. But some people said they added something, and got extra $10. Do you know how?

  1. Nancy says

    I only got the $10.00 credit…would love to know how others are getting more..Also,check which wine you order..not shipped to all states.

    • Chris says

      I placed an item in my cart, but never ordered it. A week later I got an email saying: “we really want you to order something, so we’re giving you an extra $10 credit”. That’s my story :)

  2. Jackie says

    I signed up the last time they offered a credit and it was for $20. Hope that clears that up sorry I wasn’t clearer. :)

  3. ccming says

    I signed up on 6/29/11 when they were offering a $25 credit. They still haven’t shipped my free wine and haven’t responded to my last email. Hope it’s a real site.

    • jason says

      This is a real site. They shipped my wine I haven’t received it yet but I will. Since so many people ordered wine they need to get more wine from the winery. My wife got an email saying here wine has been delayed up to a month. Also due to the weather they need to ship wine in refrigerated trucks which will also cause delays. Don’t give up hope.

    • ccming says

      Right after this was posted, I received an email from them saying mine should ship today or tomorrow. They stated the wine I choose took awhile to arrive. Will let you know if it ships and if it arrived. I hope thye do not dissapoint. I like most of their selections and would like to some if they deliver as promised.

    • NQ says

      I signed up on June 29th as well and received $25 credit. Today they emailed me and said my order has been shipped and it will take 7-8 to for delivery.

      Hope it helped

  4. jenise says

    I like Lot18. I received a total of 20 credits ( 10 for signing up and another 10 for just cart). I got the bottle of wine for free. However, because of where I stay, I have to pay 10.91 for tax because of alcohol and shipping and handling. If I knew that they have free shipping day I would have waited.

    I also wanted to mention that once you received credits, you have one week to use it. If they send you more credit, that second credit expires in two to three days. You must act fast on your order of wine. And I’ve done this in beginning of July.

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