FREE $15 Lot 18 Credit From Rachel Ray

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Get FREE $15 Lot 18 Credit this is a daily deal site. Sign up and you’ll get a $15 credit in your account. Many Hunt4Freebies readers have been getting FREE Wine and other free stuff with the FREE credit! Please Note: This is for new members!! Each day they change the deals, so with your free credit and when they offer free shipping you should be able to get something for free.

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  1. Tracy says

    Monday, my husband and I each received 2 bottles of FREE win from this site! 4 FREE bottles of wine!! :yahoo: One of our best freebies yet!

  2. Mandy says

    I got the credit, but had to use another email address. I just read that you had to be a newer member. Thanks H4F i got 2 bottles of wine :yahoo:

  3. stephanie says

    hey mike! when i signed up for this lot 18 website a few weeks back didn’t they offer $25 just for signing up or am i confusing this with some other deal? there have been so many i am losing count, lol! i only got a credit for $10 and can’t find the original post because it was from so long ago. i have been saving the emails for the last week or so since the heartsy thing on deals like these because i have signed up for so many things thanks to you!! so am hoping that should help. i may just be a lost cause though!! lol! i just went to the site because of the rachael ray offer of $15 to see what that was about which is how this $25 credit came up. also wondering if i invite and get friends to purchase something it says i will get a $25 credit but if they sign up with my special code do they get any kind of credit for signing as i did? which is the best way to take advantage of this offer? have them sign up for the rachael ray $15 credit and i don’t get a credit after they make a puchase or should i invite them under my link? i just want everyone to get a credit so don’t know how to go about this offerl can you check on the $25 credit i thought i would get for signing up around 3-4 weeks ago and maybe have an idea as the best way to go about inviting friends? rachael ray or my link?

    thanks again mike for all you do and i am sorry to be a pest but up until recently i have not kept a record of the deals i signed up for. but as i said i started to since the heartsy thing and the ones since. at least i think i have – i really think i am just a lost cause and again sorry for being a pest. i know how busy you are finding and posting the amazing deals you send out so often. don’t know how long the rachail ray thing is going on for so if you have any ideas about the best ways to go about this i would be so grateful!

    kindest regards and many thanks for all you do,

    stephanie fugate

    • Jeff says

      If someone signs up from your invite they do not get a credit. I tried it. Thought if they got a credit and purchased a bottle and it gave me the 25 dollar credit along with the 10 dollar credit I already had I would be drinking free for awhile. No luck. With 300 friends on facebook and close to 500 followers on my different blogs, some one is sure to sign up. I like free.

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