FREE $15 UP2U Rewards E-Card From Camel (Updated)

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UPDATE: If you are having trouble redeeming your $15 Code, under date of birth, make sure to do the date format like this mmddyyyy (DO NOT PUT ANY Slashes or Dashes Between those, otherwise it WONT work) So your Birthday would look like this 10141979. **If you need further assistance you can call Camel at 800-334-8157

First Login or Register, then become a Beast House member, and complete challenge 2 called: “Defend the Capsule Institute” and get the To get FREE $15 UP2U Rewards Reward E-Card From Camel. Once you become a “Beast House Member” come back and click this link here this will take you to the “Defend the Capsule Institute” This is a virtual Master Card :)

(Thank You, Kyle!)

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    • Sherry says

      Login or register and then I had to update my profile. After I did that, I saw the screen for Defend the Capsule. Answer the questions then a popup will come up and tell you where to go from there. Hope this helps.

    • glen says

      How I got it to work is…
      1. I signed up to the tobacco pleasure site using the first link above;
      2. Once I did that, while I was still logged in on the 1st site, I then opened the become a Beast House Member (2nd link above) in a new tab;
      3. Follow the instructions and you can take the Defend the Capsule Institute Challenge.

      Hint: You need to answer the questions correctly in order to win. You also have to answer a final question after the multiple choice questions before you are given the virtual CC. Don’t worry, you can try a few times to do it.

      I hope this makes sense.

  1. Noorie says

    Once you take the challenge, you will see some questions wid options to choose..there is no right or wrong ans..i played tht game 5 times to get the e code for redemption

  2. Krista says

    I did all this…..signed in, became a member, answered the questions correctly and the final question, something popped up saying I had completed the challenge, but no gift card popped up for me to claim. :(

    • Tonya says

      Try the address on your ID card and do not put you have moved in the last three months, unless u recently got a new id card (within the last 3 months)

  3. ellen says

    i’ve answered the questions & got 2 different results but no e-card? is it suppose to be e-mailed or pop up after you completed the questions? i got the “iou” & the “meat pie”??

  4. Deeann says

    I signed up but couldn’t go to the beast house member the link don’t pop up do u know if it’s gonna get fixed I gave all my info

  5. mandi says

    I can’t get my $15.00 to work anywhere, does anyone know if there is a number to activate or where it can be used?

    • Callieface says

      i bought some stuff off amazon. you just have to make sure the shipping & everything doesn’t go over $15.

      • Teresa says

        I have tried at several different places on the web and I either get a message saying the CVV is not correct or it just won’t take it at all. I have made sure I was using the correct info. Just crazy strange. Wonder what I could be doing wrong? When I check the UP2U page it says the card is activated. I have emailed them but so far have heard nothing back. Seems fishy. If anyone has any pointers please share!!

          • amber kelly says

            I thought mine had worked on Amazon as well but got an email from amazon indicating they couldn’t validate the card. Were you able to process your order?

    • Amber Kelly says

      The email address to email for help (that someone will actually get back to you and help you) is I was having the same issue with it being declined and they had to adjust the expiration date. After that it worked perfectly. Hope that helps!

      • Christina says

        I did just that and they told me that the website was down and to call this 800 number tomorrow. They didn’t fix anything for me :(

        • amber kelly says


          Email them back to tell them that the card is being declined and that you spoke with someone else who had to have the expiration date on their card adjusted so that it will work. It took about 2 days for them to get back to me but once I explained how it was being declined they fixed via email for me. Hope that helps!

          • Christina says

            Thanks for your help. I really appreciated it. My step father was having the same issue with his. My mother’s worked completely fine but ours were being stubborn. I contacted them again and they asked me for the card numbers. I sent them the card numbers and they said it would be 2-3 days before the issue was fixed. I’m completely fine with that since I’m gonna use them to buy baby supplies for my sister. It’s just a headache to go through all this. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

        • amber kelly says

          Christina–So glad they responded back to you. Hoping that it will be fixed before two days. I know it took them only a day after my email to adjust the expiration date and then it worked so hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. :)

  6. glen says

    It didn’t for me, either. I tried both Amazon and Walmart several times, no luck so far.

    I called Camel Saturday morning, said I needed to email UP2U, still haven’t heard back from UP2U.

    Did anyone get it to work???

    • amber kelly says

      No I have emailed them three times now and still nothing. Just tried again on amazon and it was declined again. Declined on amazon, target and walmart.

    • Amber Kelly says

      Okay guys I was having the same issue with my card being declined and I had emailed their support email like Camel told me to and heard nothing so I emailed their disputes email and heard back from them. The issue has something to do with the expiration date and that it why our cards were being declined. They adjusted mine and I was able to use it to purchase a $15.00 amazon gift card. The email address to email for help (that someone will actually get back to you and help you) is Hope that helps!

      • glen says

        Complained to disputes department and waiting for a reply. It’s been 15 hours and counting!

        If it works, thanks for the tip, Amber. :)

          • glen says

            Amber, I received an email from Trucash exactly 1 minute after the notification email from H4F about your message, letting me know that I should try again.

            And the verdict is…IT WORKED! It took Amazon a few minutes longer than usual to send the gc, but I eventually got it.

            So if anyone else is encountering a problem with the card, takes Amber’s advice and send an email to the address she put in her previous message(s).

            Thanks again, Amber. :) And, of course, thanks to Camel and H4F!

            Time to resolve: 19 hours

    • amber kelly says

      Woohoo. Glad it worked! I tell you it was frustrating having that virtual card and not being able to use it. Glad it finally worked. :)

  7. Noorie says

    I hope someone reads this and can help me.
    I have contacted the support and the disputes via email but never heard anything back from them. The card just won’t work. I would appreciate any advice in this case.
    Thank you.

    • Amber Kelly says

      Noorie, there is an issue with the expiration date. I emailed the disputes department and told them what was going on. It took about 2 days but they did get back to me and adjusted the expiration date and then it worked perfectly. Email and tell them what is going on. It takes a while but they did get back to me finally. :)

      • Noorie says

        Thank you for the reply Amber. I’m going to email them again and hopefully this time they will get back to me. Will update once I do get a response. I want to use this to buy a birthday gift. Have my fingers crossed :)

  8. Noorie says

    My card is workinggg..Yayyy..thanks a ton Amber..
    I also wanted to tell you that I won another card from them worth $25 from their birthday celebration..You must give it a try.. :)

    • Amber Kelly says

      That is awesome! Glad they got it working and thanks for the heads up on the birthday celebration. I will deff try it out :)


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