FREE $5 Domino’s Pizza Gift Card Or Domino’s Coupons!

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To get a FREE $5 Domino’s Pizza Gift Card Or Domino’s Coupons just play the game to earn the points to get the FREE Chocolate Lava Cake , FREE Cinnastix, BOGO FREE Coupon, or the FREE $5 Domino’s Gift Card Please Note: You can only get one item. Another quick NOTE: You need to have a Facebook account to get the $5 Gift Card, Thank You Gerry for the heads up!

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  1. april p. says

    says: cannot find coupon
    no available coupons for user level

    This is after I went ALL the way. I guess i’ll email them and complain.

  2. AJ says

    I’m short 2 points from getting the bogo pizza.

    How do I get the last 2 points, I went through all the ingredients.

    • Tiffany says

      Not necessarily. It stated that it could ‘t connect with my FB and just skipped that part and asked to email it to me. I got the GC email 2 minutes later.

  3. AJ says

    Never mind I missed one, got the points.

    I should have went for the $5 gift card.

    Cheaper to buy a couple of frozen pizzas.

    Anyone tried for the gift card?

  4. april p. says

    now it says:

    The Dominos Gift Card website is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back later.

    It still won’t let me email myself the gift card. And I do have facebook and I did allow it access. wtf? 😡

  5. Patricia says

    “Congratulations! You’ve earned the final Behind the Pizza reward: a $5.00 Domino’s Gift Card”

    Thank you!!!! OMG I cant believe i actually won a $5 for playing games :)
    So fun and So Good

  6. Gerry says

    I am trying to use my gift card right now. I have the number and the PIN and it’s telling me “Something went wrong, please try again”

    Then I go to the page where you can check a gift card balance and it’s telling me it can’t authenticate it. This is sounding like a scam.

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