FREE $5 off Coupon Code From Swansons Vitamins = FREE Item

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To get your FREE $5 off Coupon Code From Swanson’s Vitamins “Like” Swansons on Facebook, you will then get your code. Also right now you can get 15% off their Ultra line, and more importantly, $1.99 shipping for all orders with code Ultra 

To get the FREE Item follow the steps below.

1.) Get you FREE $5 Coupon Here on their Facebook Page.
2.) Go to this page here and enter promo code Ultra and the prices will reflect the 15% off.
3.) Select An Ultra Item For $3 or under. (They have dish soap, vitamins, etc..)
4.) Apply your unique coupon code from Facebook under the “Coupon/Gift Certificate”
5.) Checkout and your all set.

**A Credit Card is required for this offer.

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  1. Jamie says

    Just a heads up- I was prompted to sign up for an account and receive an additional $5 for doing so. I dunno when the code will show up in my email, but if it does within the next 24hrs, you could potentially score another FREE item!

  2. amy says

    Step #2 is really helpful. That link takes you to the master list and you can search “under $5″ which makes it not so overwhelming. TY!

  3. amy says

    I didn’t use a CC at all … PAYPAL! :) :) Came from my bank account. Also, just a note, the dish soap is all on backorder. They have essential oils also, I paid $2.98 for my lavender. What a deal! Created an account as well, so as stated above, hopefully I’ll get the email that will give me $5 off my next order.

  4. Samantha says

    Thanks so much for posting this. With this coupon & shipping code & something y’all posted for Vitacost last week I was able to get 3-4 months of two different vitamins that I need to take every day for a total of $2.50!!!

  5. Natalia says

    At vitacost, I got free eos lip balm sphere and the vitamin and two extra samples, with the lovely free shipping.

  6. stephanie fugate says

    thanks so much!! i got 2 ( 1 for me and 1 for my hubby) kiss my face peaches and cream 4 oz lotions for only 46cents total for the 2!!!! awesome deal for almost free. i know i could NEVER have been able to get 8 oz of kiss my face anything for that little – not even at walmart!!!

  7. tielknight says

    Awesome! Although the Dish Soap was all Backordered, some of the vitamins were not and i was able to get 2 bottles and still be under the $5 limit.

    The ones i ordered were:
    5 mg 60 Caps
    Swanson Ultra Potassium Citrate
    99 mg 120 Caps

    Total came to $2.95 + $1.99 shipping, leaving me 6 cents to spare.

  8. Bob says

    Just a head’s up…you do NOT need a credit card if your order is 1 penny or more. I ordered the B-1 vitamins that were on sale for $3.05. After the $1.99 and $5 discount, it came to 4 cents. I used Paypal with no problem.

  9. kristy says

    I think they changed the ultra code, now its 1.99 on orders over 25. :( boo I took too long browsing the site.

    • Maezy says

      I wrote earlier to thank you for this deal, that I was able to do successfully last night. Also wrote to ask if their email had any significance. It had the subject line… Our Apologies: 1.99 Shipping on 25 Orders ONLY. But inside it was just an advertisement rather than any sort of message to inform me of any changes to my order.

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