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Get a FREE Better Homes and Gardens Subscription this is available again for the first 10,000 people!!

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  1. Robin Schings says

    I tried this as well, and didn’t have any luck today. I filled in all of my information and was re-directed to an error page. The count at the top, providing how many people have redeemed the offer was around the 240’s though.

  2. Yotisny says

    I just got one too. The confirmation page indicated that 3k+ plus have been claimed so there are more to go around.

  3. roxanne says

    Thank you so much! Just ordered a subscription for the Health Department…they are sorely lacking in magazines there and they do so much for the community.

    • kitty says

      btw we only need to fill in the first page right and then close it correct me if im wrong please cuz after submitting it was giving me other offers but i closed the window.

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