FREE Bottle of Lipton Iced Tea Coupon

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To get a FREE Bottle of Lipton Iced Tea Coupon this is the direct link the coupon.

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  1. Janice says

    Lipton citrus green tea is the best. I don’t crave soda anymore. A coupon or two would be quite useful and appreciated. With or without the coupon, I’ll keep purchasing my favorite soft drink.

    • Cher says

      Thanks! I thought so, but worth the ask. Still a really great product, though! Need to get that printer up and going again.hah

  2. Jennifer B says

    Do you know what stores accept internet coupons for freebies? My local grocery stores don’t accept them either.

  3. Lady_CJ says

    I got this message on the page that came up….

    Your coupon print request has been denied. Clicking your back button may have triggered this warning or you may have entered a disallowed URL.

  4. Kay C. says

    I forgot to check the price at Walgreen’s today. CVS sells single for $1.79, which is over the maximum amount of $1.59.

    • Michelle says

      Would you be willing to share one of your coupons? I know alot of stores limit you on the amount of coupons for the same item!

  5. Rick says

    It’s good tea but not worth $1.50 bottle. Our King Soopers was selling it for $.99 ea which I think is a fair price. I will stick with Peace Tea which is the same thing but slightly less calories and only costs $.99 ea.

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