FREE Charmin Basic Toilet Paper and Coupon (Spanish)

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UPDATE: This offer is expired for now, we will update when it becomes available again.

To get the FREE Charmin Basic Toilet Paper and Coupon register and then fill out your Profile Here. Then go to this link here, click the Pide tu muestra button, and click confirm.

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  1. tielknight says

    Your package should arrive in 5-7 weeks. Once you arrive, try your FREE sample of toilet paper and use your $ 3.00 coupon codes to save on your purchase of Charmin ® Basic. (Do not forget to give 2 of your friends the coupon for $ 1.00 off). Then come back and share your comments with us.

    Sweet, so you get a sample, a $3 coupon and two $1 coupons!

  2. Liz says

    Yay…Got my roll in the mail today….It’s a huge roll….and the coupons are actually in English so no problem….Thanks so much for the offer. Love H4FB :))

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