FREE Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures Kit = FREE Box of Toothbrushes

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Reminder: This offer is available again for 2016!

Get a FREE Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures Kit. This is for Teachers. If you signed up for this in 2015, you don’t need to sign up again they will automatically send you your kits again. To sign up click where it says “I am an educator of kids in grades K-1 and would like to receive the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program for the first time.” Or you can click this link here.

Also included in the kit is a coupon for Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes, which you can pick up free at Walmart stores or even Dollar stores. -Thank you Christine.

The Kit Includes:

Take-Home Materials
• Storybook (English or Spanish)
• Parent Takehome (English or Spanish)
• Parent Checklist (English or Spanish)
• Colgate® Kid’s Toothbrush
• Colgate® Kid’s Toothpaste

Classroom Materials
• Animated Movie (DVD)
• Classroom Big Book
• 2-sided Poster
• Teacher’s Guide for Grades K-1

Here is an image of what the kit will look like, thank you to all of the Hunt4Freebies readers that posted pictures!

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  1. Calgirl says

    They send out HUGE boxes of toothpaste, toothbrushes and coupons! HOLY COW this is the greatest freebie! Thanks H4F! 😀

  2. K says

    Probably best freebie ever!! This will go to kids who can use them in other countries. Got 3 huge boxes stuffed with things, wow! Thanks Colgate and H4F!

  3. AL says

    This UPS man @ my door with this big red box just shocked the hell out of me! I can not believe this! Thanks so much!
    This is going to my county’s mental health clients.

  4. Penny says

    Thanks for the kits.I am sharing them with my twins club.I also shared them with my twins class.The coupons were an extra bonus.

  5. Nola says

    You guys are the best I gave a box to my sons teacher and she about freaked when she saw it. Thanks for everything.

    • Nola says

      Yes I get it every year and donate a box. I’m not a teacher, you can just put in the pre school and they will ship it to your door. :)

  6. Kim says

    I ordered this for my neices who homeschool and will share with other homeschoolers. Thank you, this is so awesome!

  7. Cathy young says

    I would like too know if you donation too a group home in Bosnia …a solider from US is stationed there and they go too the group home and help out as much they can…

    • Jay says

      try it and see you never know it asks for info like how many students you have and stuff so I’m guessing you could slide by saying you teach kindergarten and they’ll send it and you can use it for the preschoolers

  8. Tejas says

    They should give similar stuff to people who work with the homeless. I have friends who always try and salvage all they can for the homeless. This winter they were looking for chapsticks, gloves, sanitizers, sanitary pads etc. and many of us contributed to buy them. But we got them at full retail prices and it would have been better if we could get more stuff for same cash, or even more free stuff from corporations like Colgate to help them get through the harsh winters.

  9. lconnelly says

    I signed up for the first time. When do I expect to get my shipment! I’m so excited to share this with my students.

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