FREE Cup of Meow Mix Pate Toppers + Coupon

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Copy and Paste the link (in red) into your browser to get the FREE Cup of Meow Mix Pate Toppers! *This offer is available again!

**Please allow up to 46 weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox.

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  1. MrsRuHa says

    If ANY of you freebie hunters out there have a cat…you GOTTA get this freebie! My cat, Cuddles, LOVES this stuff!! She eats other types of canned cat food very well, but this Meow Mix Toppers with Pate`…she will practically lick the paint off the saucer!! I’m not kidding!
    And I was a bit skeptical of this NEW type of cat food too. She loves the Toppers, but her don’t be liking the dry too well. I think it’s because the nibblets are bigger than what she’s use to. But, you know your cat & what she likes. I’m just passing on how well MY cat LOVES the Meow Mix Toppers with Pate`. Pretty funny to watch her eat it too 😉

  2. stephanie mendez says

    yay this is awesome lately i have been getting freebies for my new cat 😀 she is soooo spoiled now xD

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