FREE Delane Pens from Amsterdam Printing + More

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This was originally posted back in September 2010, but we just wanted to post this again just in case you missed this. To get FREE Pens from Amsterdam Printing + More. Click on “request a sample” (See example here) under the name of the product. If you would like to request a different sample click on the product that you would like and then just above that it will say “request a sample” click that and fill the form out. Some items you are not able to sample.

**You can order a sample of anything under $5 and get it for FREE! But only a total of 5 samples in your cart of either like items or different items.

(Thank You For the update Phillip!)

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  1. Surfin says

    Yes yes thanks! I am still using the pens and other stuff I got from last year. Thanks H4F! :bowdown: :thumbsup:

  2. Tracy says

    I was able to order 5 pens. You have to go back and do the process 5 times. (ie. Find the pen, click “Request Sample” – choose sample x 5)

    I requested a sample from them the last time, just one pen though and finally got it a couple months later. They do come, just takes awhile.

    Thank you H4F!

    • pandora says

      I’ve done the request for 5 items before, as well, and received one pen months later. Really nice pen though!

  3. Kate says

    I requested 5 things last year, and just got one pen last month. For whatever reason, they engraved my name AND mailing address onto it lol.

  4. Rose says

    Thank you, looking forward to the pens. Site was very slow and only allowed 4 samples. Will be happy if I only get one!

  5. roxie says

    For me at least, this is the freebie that keeps on coming!! I only requested this once about a year ago, and since then I have gotten about 6 pens!! Every couple months I get a new color. I’m hoping for the lovely teal and tourquoise colors next!!!
    They are all FANTABULOUS pens, and if I had the money I’d order a crapton of them.

    • Renee J. says

      Same here Roxie! I only requested this once (quite some time ago – maybe 6 months ago) and since then I have received 3 pens – at all different times. And they were engraved with my name on them! They are REALLY nice pens! Always a nice surprise when something like this arrives in the mail. ~*Thank You*~ Hunt 4 Freebies :)!

  6. Alice says

    question: how do you get the samples without calling? every page i’ve looked at says to call for samples…do you add them to your cart first? or is there a link to click on? if the latter could someone please link me to a couple pages like this as i’m unable to find any on my own. thanks sooo much for your help!

    • Dee says

      Looks like since they were flooded with pen requests today, the web site was changed and samples can only be requested by phone now. It now says, “Please call to request a sample.”

  7. Dave says

    This is to update people they switched back to the link to Request A Sample now. You can request up to 5 free samples under $5.

  8. arice says

    after i check out my 5 samples and I filled in all my mailing info, the page wont go to the next step. I tried refreshing it at least 5 times, but it works until I try clicking the next step to the review and order?

  9. kathy says

    I ordered the pens, highlighters, cinch sacks, keychain and something so excited I forgot what the 5th item was…LOL Can’t wait to see what I really get..and maybe I’ll be as lucky as some other’s on here that keep getting a pen every so often even though they ordered only one :) Thanks for posting this!!

  10. Vanessa says

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing! I requested samples of Latte Spoon Mug, Aztec Spooner Mug, and the Aztec Soup Mug!
    I am big coffee drinker and I LOVE mugs and these were so cute to me!

    I hope I get them! *Fingers crossed!*

  11. Ashley says

    This is now working again! just checked and my order for samples went through. same regulations. 5 samples each can be under 5 bucks

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