FREE FIN Electronic Cigarette

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UPDATE:This is working again but loading slow at times.

Get a FREE FIN Electronic Cigarette! Note, Their site is working again but loading slow at times, so you may need to keep trying. Also you may need to click “Show All Content” at the bottom of their page to get the form to come up.

(Thank You, Greg!)

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  1. Lisa says

    TY H4F just got my confirmation email –Thanks for joining the revolution. You should receive your free FIN within two weeks. Be sure to check back to the FIN Facebook Page while enjoying a FIN – Lighten Up™

  2. Candy Rayne says

    they just poste :: Welcome to all our new FIN friends. We apologize for the broken link to the FIN giveaway and are working just as fast as we can to get it back up and working. Thanks for your patience!

  3. MrsRuHa says

    Thank you! My email confirmation said I should receive it within 2 weeks. I’m getting this for my g-kid’s Mother. 😉

  4. Aurora says

    It worked. I got one for myself and my mother, so hopefully they allow two with the same address. I have just about given up on convincing her to quit smoking but, at least she will get a kick out of trying this. Thanks!

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