FREE Gillette Venus Razor -Coming Soon

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Update: These are all gone for now, but as soon as this goes live again we will be sure to post it. 22-23

Get a FREE Gillette Venus Razor !! Hurry this will go fast!

(Source: Venus Razor)

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  1. Lisa M says

    Just tried—forget it—site for “freebie” doesn’t work, but according to the error message, they “are working on the problem”….

  2. Jessica says

    I entered my info but it didnt say confirm or anything, it just went to the main page. How do I know if I got it?

  3. Carol says

    I just posted a Kellogg’s Family Rewards code, refreshed the first page and saw this. I kept missing all the Facebook ones, but I did get this. Thanks H4F, I got one just in the nick of time.

    Jessica, you should have gone to a confirmation page that said, “Enjoy!
    We’ve got your info. Your item(s) will be headed your way in a few weeks.”
    It’s possible you got through, because of a glitch due to 10,000 people all trying for one. In that case, I guess you will be surprised when one shows up at your door, according to the Facebook announcement, it is a Venus & Olay in new Sugarberry scent.

  4. Carol says

    Jessica, check your email. They are sending confirmations. Email is from Venus Godess-Wor​thy Giveaway with the subject of ” Your free Gillette razor is on its way!” Hope you got one.

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