FREE Kettle Chips Bag

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Get a FREE Kettle Chips Bag for the first 30,000 people!!!!!! They will snail mail you the coupon.

You can follow the Hunt4Freebies “Freebies” Facebook Page or 24 Hour Freebie updates!

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    • says

      They are getting hit super hard with traffic right now, so you may need to keep trying. When there is really hot freebies, these freebies end up going “viral” so everyone is trying for the freebie at the same time which causes their servers not to be able to handle all of that traffic. I hope that helps :)

    • says

      Hi Flora,
      You “Like” Kettle chips on Facebook, then you will need to fill out the form and they will mail you the coupon for a free bag of chips. :)

  1. Jada says

    Dear God!!! It took FOREVER to get in, but finally…the screen page popped up to fill in personal details. I got one! Winner…winner…chicken dinner!!!

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