FREE Lance Crackers Coupon

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Lance Crackers

Get a FREE Lance Crackers Coupon! The coupon is only valid at Walmart.
**Note: The coupon has not reset, so if you printed this before you can not print again!

Direct Coupon Link: FREE Save up to $2.78 on any (1) Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Sandwich Cracker 8 pack. (ONLY AT WALMART)

Note: If Walmart gives you trouble redeeming this coupon, just let them know this came right from Walmart’s website. (Some Walmart stores do not accept printable free coupons).

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  1. AJ says

    Thanks I found these on the end cap of our store, the regular cashier said she wasn’t sure about free printable’s and I told her it was from Walmart’s site as stated above and she got her manager and she looked and said yes they take free coupons from their own website.

    FWIW most of the cashiers I get except for maybe some crabby person takes free’s especially the ones that aren’t from the interent. Just look for somebody that’s seems to be happy and it usually works better. I found people cant seem to wrap their heads around us getting stuff for free. but they dont seem to understand.

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