FREE Lens Cloth and Cleaner at Walmart Vision Center

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To get a FREE Lens Cloth and Cleaner at Walmart Vision Center just print this coupon and bring it in to your local Walmart Vision Center to get your FREE sample cloth and a bottle of cleaner. And, you can get free refills when you bring the bottle back! **This is still available just in case you missed this.

You can also still get a FREE RevitaLens Starter Kit and Lens Case at Walmart Vision Center!

(Source: Walmart)

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  1. Pat says

    Thanks so much for this freebie! I use lens cleanser for prescription and non prescription glasses and for monitors, phones and game boy screens. We go through it in our house, lol. I knew I needed an excuse to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow. Thanks again!

  2. sam says

    i work at a walmart vision center, and i dont know if its true at all stores, but we dont even require the coupon…just ask us for the sample and we’ll give you one…we have them coming out our ears!

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