FREE Subscription To Men’s Fitness Magazine

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To get a FREE Subscription To Men’s Fitness Magazine you need to register and take the survey once you do that you will earn $20 in reward points which you can use to get this magazine for totally free. If you are a current member and have been saving your points they offer new magazines throughout the year. Don’t forget you can earn points every week when you take the surveys. *No purchase necessary.

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  1. ILoveMyMarine! says

    Me and my husband are real workout freaks lol. We workout constantly and i been a member of shape magizine for so many years so i always have one in my purse when im on the go and when i have down time then i read my shape mag and all their cool articles. Well Since my husband isnt a member of any magizines i figured i would grab onto this freebie. Im sure he will love it. =)


  2. bob hooly says

    EXCELLENT! went through and said I should be getting my 1st issue soon. magazine doesnt always have the best advice but ill take it if its free. theres also an offer for a free subscription to wall street journal on this same site

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