FREE Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes at Walmart and Target

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Walmart and Target have Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes 7 count $1.97, plus there is a $2 off ANY Neutrogena Cosmetic Item Coupon, making these FREE after coupon! You can also get this coupon mailed to your home. Click here to see how to get coupons mailed to your home.

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes 7 count – $1.97
Use: $2 off ANY Neutrogena Face Cosmetic Item Coupon
FREE after coupon!

*This item can be found in the cosmetic isle or the Travel Size Isle. Some Target Stores may vary.

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  1. Liz says

    My target didn’t have the size. It wasn’t a wasted trip. I found neutrogena acne facial gel cleanser trial size bottles for .97 cents each and got 1 for each of my 2 coupons.

  2. Evalyn Scott says

    Would the $2.00 if any Neutrogena Face Makeup product coupon from 8/5 inserts work? Does anyone know if it does, or does anyone think it would? It’s worded on the coupon just as typed above. Thanks!

    • Crystal Perez says

      I think it depends on the store person and how much you argue the point. I am pretty new at this but not to happy about wasting gas and time because these stores don’t want to be bothered…if it doesn’t scan, they act like you are trying to rip them off! Just my experience so far! I am not giving up, just frustrated! I hope it works for you and is certainly worth a try!

  3. Sherry Yue says

    I went to one Target and the coupon was not accepted at the register. The clerk said that it may not have registered because the image did not match the item. I went to a second Target to try again and the coupon was not accepted at the register. The clerk called for a manager and the manager said that the coupon does not work for sample sizes. I pointed out to them that the coupon does not exclude sample sizes and is good for a face product. Then the manager was agreeable as long as the register accepts it, but it did not. Not a total waste of a trip to the Targets as I was able to get a jar of Comet for free thanks to your website.

  4. Crystal Perez says

    THank you, Michele but I have had so much trouble at Target and Walmart here in NJ that I cannot get any Manager to accept the coupon! It was worth a try. I did score on the Glade stuff so I guess it wasn’t a total wasted trip! I will continue to try and see when I am out, but I will not be making a special trip for it! :(

  5. Crystal says

    Went to a different target today to score the free MEad Five Star portfolios…was able to get customer service to give me the neutrogena wipes for free after I told them I had called corporate about the coupon issue and they told me if I had any problems to call the them while in the store; otherwise, I do not think she would have honored it! But all in all got the folders and the wipes for tax. Finally! The corporate number is on the page contact us. I also sent them an e-mail about the situation as well.

  6. Kellissia says

    At my walmart, it doesn’t go through when scanning; however, they hand punch it when I show the product and point out it only states face product (as you said doesn’t exclude travel sizes :)

  7. Heidi says

    Thanks you the DM at my Walmart understands the coupon policy. So everything worked out fine for me. Thanks for helping me via all the emails.

  8. roxy says

    They always beep at Target, but the cashiers push it through every time.

    You can also find them at Rite Aid at register for $1.99.

  9. Megan says

    I was able to use two coupons on the two items at Walmart today after the clerk asked the manager. The manager explained that it is the wording that matters not the picture.

  10. Lola29 says

    Thank You. I go to Walmart to get these. Target don’t accept these coupons even if is 1 cent less than the coupon.

  11. Marsha says

    Scored great at Target, I got 4 packs of Neutrogena, 4 Campbell’s Soups and 2 Yes to Cucumbers Calming Mask and I only paid the tax.

    I will upload my picture.

    Thanks again H4F

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