FREE Nivea Lip Butter TODAY at 1PM EST

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Reminder: FREE Nivea Lip Butter will go live again TODAY at 1PM Eastern Time for the first 2,000 people! We will post reminders each day. You can see the Time Zone Chart Here.

From NIVEA USA Facebook:
‘Tis the season to be giving, so we’re giving away 2,000 brand new NIVEA Lip Butters each day this week through Friday before they even hit stores. Come back at 1pm EST every day to claim one!

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  1. Angela says

    Oh my goodness I finally got in at 1:09 pm EST. I even did it on a mobile phone. It took forever for the form to load and then I had to try and submit it about 5 times but I got:
    “THANK YOU! Your product will arrive in 4-6 weeks. After you receive your lip butter sample let us know what you think!”

  2. K says

    I was on my laptop, I kept refreshing over and over; when I finally got through they were out yesterday! Fingers crossed for today!

  3. Emma says

    Soo weird!
    I started refreshing my page at 12:59 when it said the contest hadnt started yet and at 1pm sharp it said all the products had been given away…
    It’s practically impossible!

    • Kaylee says

      I KNOW!! I did the same thing both today (Thursday Nov. 15, 2012) AND either yesterday or Tuesday!! What the heck, huh? I’m still gonna try tomorrow….wish me luck!! And Good Luck to you!!


    They are already and its only been open for 2 mintues. i got one! yay!…but it didnt say what flavor i got…i hope i get the one i wanted “rasberry rose kisses”

  5. CJ_PM says

    Hunt4freebies has over 70K fans on facebook and their only giving away 2,000. This is going to happen. Just gotta be fast 😀

  6. April Alvarado says

    Wow … I’ve tried this all week. I sat at my computer each day and refreshed the page right before 1pm. And when it refreshed it said they’re promotion was over and they had reached their limit. That was at 1:01pm ….. talk about frustration!!!

  7. Wifee2013 says

    Finally got through after trying ALL week. I have and iPad 2, the new iPad, iPhone 4 & 5 and couldn’t get through on any one of those. So today I used my good ole’ hP laptop (which is about 5 years old) and got through without incident. WOW gotta love technology!

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