FREE No Longer a Slumdog Book

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The FREE No Longer a Slumdog Book is still available again if you missed this last year.

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  1. Mara J says

    Got mine a couple days ago and I really can say that it’s both an eye opener and amazing to read. I’ve only read through the first three chapters due to being in the process of moving soon, but I would highly encourage everyone to pick up a copy and read this.

  2. milly falo says

    This book is really interesting. Everyone already knows India is a poor country but this really extends your vision about the topic.
    You will even get another free copy of the book if you give your first one to a friend.

  3. Janice♥ says

    Got mine in the mail today ! 😀 It always available from their website for free for the past month, who said it expired?!

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