FREE Personalized Elmo and VeggieTales Song Downloads for Your Child

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To get a FREE Personalized Elmo Song  Download for Your Child enter the code: myelmo

To get a FREE Personalized VeggieTales Song for Your Child enter the code: veggie

*These offers are available again.

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  1. Jonna says

    This is awesome!!! Thanks!! My little guy was in his room watching a movie and came running in the living room looking around to see what was playing!! He got a huge smile!!!! Thanks so much!!

  2. emma says

    first id like to say a big THANKYOU to you guy for this fantastic freebie and secondly i was impressed you had my sons name on your list im sure he will love it when he hears it it put a massive smile on me and my partner faces and brightened up our day cheers

  3. Rendi says

    This offer still works so it may be nice if you repost it so people can use it again. i tried the code myveggie and that did not work however when I tried veggie , it worked. The offer that you have on here for the elmo still works as well and the code myelmo is still valid as well.

    Thank You very Much for all of this information and savings opportunities you provide us wih everyday.

  4. says

    code ‘veggie’ (no quotes) works for free veggietale songs, and also code ‘myelmo’ (no quotes) works for free elmo songs! — Love this!


    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Cichon says

    I did it from my phone and I actually brought the whole playlist and I didn’t copy the code to download later because I was under the impression that they would send it to me in my email but never did so when I went to my computer to download it I can’t because I don’t have the return code.

  6. trudy says

    this is very cute th ey have the way we spell our daughters name but they are not pronouncing it right … :( her name is bryanna but we don’t pronounce it that way we pronounce it with the long I not the e if that makes since:(

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