FREE Phone Number For Signing Up For FREE Stuff And More

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Get a FREE K7 Phone Number. I know several Hunt4Freebies readers are concerned about signing up for freebies using your real phone number. You can sign up at totally FREE of charge and they will give you your very own phone number and you can even record your own personal greeting. People can call you and leave a messages or a fax, and you will receive these via your email. You can then use your K7 phone number when you sign up for freebies.

To personalize your greeting, call your number ((123) 456-$$$$) , press the * button, and enter your security code. Follow the prompts to record a new greeting.

You can also sign up for Google Voice.

Google Voice gives you Free calls and  text messages to the U.S. & Canada

How Does Google Voice Work? Here are some Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial Videos
Explanation Video 1
Explanation Video 2 (for Mobile)

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