FREE Friendship Picture Bracelet From WearShare

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To get a FREE Friendship Picture Bracelet from WearShare  connect with Facebook and add your pictures to design your bracelet and then add (1) to your cart and enter promo code:  and press “Check Code”. This will make it FREE, plus FREE Shipping and no credit card required.

Important Note: After entering you coupon code, make sure that you click “Check Code”(located right next to where you enter your code). You do not need to enter any credit card information with a $0.00 total, if it is requiring you to enter a credit card, then you did something wrong do not enter your card number and don’t place your order.


**You will receive an email receipt shortly, and your order will be shipped between 2 to 14 days.

Here is a picture of what they look like! Thanks so much for sharing Jack!

(Source: WearShare Facebook Page)

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  1. freebielover says

    H4F, you are THE BEST!

    Thank u for everything that you do – checking out your site for freebies makes my day! :)

    • SPhil says

      When a pop up says “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” Say NO! This will make your pictures appear! :)
      Did it to me like 5 times before I realized what was going on!
      Hope this helps!

      • Elizabeth says

        I’ve tried two browsers and two different computers. To this day it still says “Loading”. I haven’t had any windows pop up, so I’m still not sure what’s going on. Thank you though!

  2. joy says

    yeah im checking out and i entered the code and hit check code like you said, and it just gave me a seven dollar discount. :-(

    • joy says

      NEVERMIND!!!! I did something wrong(heh). I entered the code and it worked! This is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing this :)

    • lindsey says

      Does $7 discount mean it’s free? I need to know before I do this cause if I end up costing my parents money for the bracelet, I’m gonna get in trouble. lol.

      • lindsey says

        Okay, when I tried again, it said $0.00 instead of $7.00, so I guess I did something wrong the first time. Idk. lol. But I figured it out. Thank you anyways. :)

  3. colleen says

    Just made one can’t wait to get it !! Thanks hunt4freebies you seem to find that greatest things for free !!

  4. Christi says

    It says the free promo code is now expired. That didn’t last very long. :( Really wanted it after I so carefully created it. bummer

    • Jennifer A says

      I’m super bummed that it expired so quickly. I’ve been trying to get the site to work all day, as soon as it starts to work and I took forever to make my bracelet, it says it’s expired, FAIL. Since I put so much time in it, I ended up paying the $7 for it and I hope it turns out lovely

      • Jan says

        This was posted at 5AM how is it a FAIL? Wow that’s messed up. Do you think companies have an unlimited supply of free stuff to giveaway????

        • Jennifer A says

          Because since 8am I’ve been trying to get the site to work and it hasn’t even opened for me. I understand you can’t give everyone and their mom something for free but it’s also kinda misleading for them to not say something BEFORE you figure out which one you want.

  5. Wearshare says

    We’re beyond sorry for the confusion and frustration that some people faced.

    The promo had been live for about 4 weeks, but after one of our latest mentions it was then picked up by several DEAL OF THE DAY pages and propagated far and wide, bringing an unexpected but very welcome rush of traffic to the site. We hadn’t expected the surge we experienced and the following site crash it caused.

    Having given away over 4,000 bracelets much faster than we even hoped we shut down the wrsr77 promo, and posted notices all over our Facebook Page and on all of the promo notices that we had put out ourselves. We had no means to stop the external deal sites since we didn’t even know that our promo was mentioned other places, this site included.

    Realizing that several people, some of you included, spent considerable time building designs we decided to release another promo shortly so that anyone who was affected by the site crash, and who spent so much time working through it, can still get a free bracelet for their frustrations. If you would like I can add you to the list of people we share it with first. Send us an email at

    There’s currently a 4000 + bracelet backlog that my partner and I, there are only two of us, will be producing the next two weeks. As soon as that’s cleared we will roll out the ‘make it right’ promo.

    Again, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience it caused but we will gladly add you to the next promo list and share that with you first as a gesture of our appreciation for liking our product.

    Kavan Bahrami
    Team Wearshare

  6. Sara says

    Yes I just got the same one I did last time. LOVE you H4F!

    You will receive an email receipt shortly, and can expect your order to be mailed out in about 10 to 15 days

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