FREE Samples Of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care

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*Update: This item is still in stock and ends 5/7 or while supplies last.

To get FREE Samples Of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care add to your cart and checkout. Shipping is FREE!  Make sure your total is $0.00.  To get the samples without using a credit card you can select VISA and put in 14 zero’s and 3 zero’s in for the PIN number and it will go through. For the expiration date you could put in 05/16.

(Thank You, Lana!)

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    • Heather M. says

      I did that too Greg my card has a zero dollar balance and it almost always works for samples like this.

    • karla says

      select VISA and you can put in 14 zero’s in for the card number and 3 zero’s in for the pin number and for the expiration date make sure to select a date over 8/2012 to avoid giving them your credit card info.

      • matice says

        this helped me sooooooooooooooooo much, thank you! my mom didnt have to use her card or get me a prepaid card!

      • Nancy says

        I selected visa and had to put in 16 zeros…a typical visa setup…14 did not work, and then the 3 zeros for the security code.

  1. Jerry says

    My wife and I just picked up a prepaid card last week and we just used it for her to get the samples.

  2. tina says

    Got these earlier in the month.Works great on my kids curly hair.I will definately order full size products.

  3. Jessie says

    I looove their products especially sweetback conditioner … Will definitely be ordering full size!!!

  4. Gen says

    Thank you so much for this tip! I found your post just as I was searching for more samples and hesitant because of the request for a credit card. You’re awesome.
    Please keep the tips coming!

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