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Get FREE Samples From PinchMe update check your account, many accounts are getting free stuff added from Kura Protein Smoothie Powder, Berocca, Gold Bond, and more. If by chance you don’t have anything in your account PinchMe offers new samples throughout the year!

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  1. Joanna says

    They had a mascara and gevalia offer for me as well. Make sure you add everything to box before ordering. If you forget to add something you can’t out in another order.

        • Joanna says

          It is the Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara by Rimmel. I am still level one, they said it was a limited sample, might of had something to do with something i answered when I completed my profile. Because I do not have an offer for Krill Oil.

          • says

            Hi Joanna, Yes that could be, it seems to vary like you said depending on how you answered the profile questions. Thank you for letting us know I really appreciate that!

  2. Ellen says

    Usually there are only 2-3 products to select from, but this is my third time ordering a box and there were 6 options available for me to pick from today! I had a hard time narrowing it down :) Thanks!!!

  3. Beth Gomez says

    This site is amazing (hunt4freebies and PINCHme)! Was able to grab my second box, got three samples, a banana milk chocolate bar, cheese dog treats, and Suave Hand Lotion.

  4. Joanna says

    I got lotion, clean n clear and puffs. On their fb they say the usually get new samples Tuesdays, and we can order every 2 weeks. So new samples will be available in like 2 weeks. Many are nice size samples, I got a suave lotion last time and it was a travel size one.

  5. YVONNE L says

    Hi YVONNE,

    Good news! We got your order and we’re shipping your items. Keep an eye out for new product samples on your homepage.



  6. Kriz says

    Woohoo! I was able to get the 3 samples today. You just need to be fast because they have time for the samples… 20 mins. I think after they posted samples. I just joined Pinchme last month and got Beyoncé perfume sample last week

  7. Nida says

    I qualified for seven items
    Nail Polish
    Latin food coupon
    Hair Product
    Tom’s deodorant
    Crew product

  8. Rebekah says

    I’m glad at least someone got into the site lol I tried and it was massively overloaded so needless to say when I did get through all the samples were out of stock. It’s great for those that can get to the site at 12 noon sharp but if you can’t then this site is pretty useless because samples will not last I’m guessing even five minutes? lol I heard it was featured on the today show so that means it’s going to have even more people trying to login it was impossible before. I’ve never had any luck with pinchme, though I certainly have with hunt4freebies 😀

  9. felecia says

    Just signed up bf yesterday, got crew shampoo, a condom sample and some coffee. Cant wait for aug 19th, the next sample day!

  10. Rebekah says

    I was only offered some bullet acne med and some out of stock condoms lol Like at exactly 12 they were gone…not that I wanted them though lol

    I would have loved to have been offered mascara…but I wasn’t :( What is this I hear about levels? Eh?

    I know I’m 29 but come on even I wear mascara, it should have been offered I tell ya lol *sigh* I realize there are a lot of members now but still I wish I would have gotten a better selection to choose from…

  11. jessica says

    All I got offered was the acne bullet and some stevia and out of stock condoms. I expected more because last month I got at least 6 offers.

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