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Reminder: Get FREE Stuff From Corona Beach Break you Earn points for prizes by doing what you already do – checking in, uploading pics and logging off.. There are lots of prizes from bottle openers, glasses, t-shirts, bikinis, hats, and More! You must be 21 or older. (Here are some of the prizes readers have won)

Limited prizes in CA, WV, MI, TX due to state regulations. Only able to collect $1 in prize value.

For all rules click here.

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  1. Kelly says

    Does anyone know how long it takes for Corona to credit the picture challenge rewards? I submitted mine two days ago and they are still “In Progress”.

  2. Laura says

    This is an awesome app. I have gotten so much stuff. I’m debating on saving my remaining points in case it is extended or using them up so I don’t lose them. Man decisions decisions. 😉

    • Laura says

      Also, I figured it up the costs of my freebies. If I would have bought the same products from the regular catalog I would have spent $320.00!

      • Ryön says

        Hey jenai…. Where did you read / how do you know it starts back up in April? That would be awesome, but I’m hesitant to wait. Thanks!

        • Laura Wagner says

          I just read it on the Corona Facebook page that it your points don’t expire and to watch for more challenges around Cinco De Mayo. Whahoooooo!

  3. April Hughes says

    This was the best, YEs, it started back up in MAy but the promo ended right after Cinco Da Mayo, And they sent an email asking me to cash out before May 31 or every point woulkd expire. So I got Keyney Chesney double seat chairs with an ice box between the seats, Two freezer type freezer glasses, 7 ( metal) Corona beer buckets with attached bottle opener, Corona sombreo & $75. dollar Gift Certificate for Omaha Streaks. BEst promo ever!!!!

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