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US Weekly Magazine FREE Subscription to US Weekly Magazine

UPDATE: Us Weekly is out of stock right now, but they will be offering it again. As soon as it becomes available we will post an update. To get all the freebies as they become available you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and our News Feed.

Get a FREE Subscription to US Weekly Magazine!

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  1. Amberlyn says

    OMG H4F…..I totally LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best deal EVER! I can’t believe I am getting a totally free subscription to US weekly!!! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!!! Best site in the WORLD!!!!

  2. SARAH says

    This is totally legit. I have gotten this magazine, w magazine, self and the wall street journal, as well as better homes and gardens, parents, outdoors and more all for free from this site

      • Donna says

        Yes thats what is so good about is they only post legit free stuff. I have been getting magazines for years now for free.

        P.S It’s addicting here ;)

      • Jo says

        Yes, really legit. I am a skeptic but I found out about this almost two years ago and trust me it is real. I get many magazine subscriptions from Rewards Gold, Rewards Country, Mercury Magazines, etc. and also give free gift subscriptions to friends and family. I have never been billed or had a problem. Thanks H4F for sharing this info with us!

  3. freebielover says

    H4F, you truly are the BEST. Seriously, thanks for everything that you do. Checking your site on a daily basis is one of the highlights of my day! :)
    Thank you, thank you!

  4. rin says

    When I first saw that you could get free mags I didn’t believe it but i thought I would try anyway. I have already gotten 3 subscriptions and new ones keep coming!!
    Thank you H4F, I love you!!

  5. Ashley Potts says

    I love H4F!!! Best free site ever! I go to some other ones but they don’t hold nothing to this one! Please keep getting all of us those FREEBIES!!!!!!

  6. Candice says

    Can you order another magazine along with the US Weekly? I wanted to check off one other magazine as well. Can that be done?

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