FREE thit! T-Shirt

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Update: This offer is still available for those who may have missed this.

To get a FREE thit! T-Shirt enter invite code: 0dbtSe or aqgz6c and youโ€™ll get the form for the shirt. Please Note: When you apply the code, you need to make sure that you don’t leave any spaces, otherwise it will not work. Once you submit the form you will see the Free T-Shirt offer. **This offer is still available in case you missed this a few weeks ago. Several Hunt4Freebies readers have reported getting their T-shirts in the mail already. Here is an image of what the T-Shirt will look like! -Thank you Denise for sharing your picture with us on Facebook! Note: Shipping is 4-6 weeks.

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  1. cherie says

    I work at this company and we are folding and shipping t-shirts at this very moment. All you have to do is register! What are you waiting for? And tell your friends!!!

  2. Susan Rainey says

    The site never does say whether they received your form or “thank you for ordering” so not sure if mine went through. Hope so :) Thanks H4F!

  3. Catherine Rice says

    okay tried the first code again and this time it went through . Signed up. Hopefully a Tshirt will follow. Thanks H4F.

    • Janet W. says

      My husband went and got the mail today and I said what did we get and he said ummm nothing LOL then he pulled out the shirt with a smirk on his face and said can I have this please. LOL He said you can have all these other freebies though. It was pretty funny.

  4. norma says

    Can someone of you who received a t shirt post a picture here or at the H4F facebook page ?
    We’d love to see the shirt.

  5. PinkSodaPop says

    Got my t-shirt! — While I’m not fond of this ‘social networking’ namesake (Sounds like ‘t i t’ to me? lol) — I always get the free t-shirts and use them as nightshirts! — This one is good quality.


    Thanks for ALL you do Hunt4Freebies!

  6. Cindy Simon says

    What is THIT!!! Does it have something to do with music..I know it is a company just starting,but what kind? Thanks Cindy

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