FREE USA Gold Zippo Lighter (4 Choices)

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To get a FREE USA Gold ZippoLighter  First sign up, then you will receive an e-mail from them to visit their new website.  In your email sign in, then you will see at bottom of page for your FREE lighter – you have a choice of Four lighters to choose from: Guitar Lighter, Camo Lighter, Flag Lighter, 8 ball Lighter!! You must be 21 years old to join their site.

Limit 1 per person
Limit 3 per Household
Offer good while supplies last
Offer Expires 02/02/2011 at midnight
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Hurry for best selection! USA Gold reserves the right to substitute for out-of-stock styles of lighters.

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    • Candy says

      Just make sure to put your DOB at the top of the form. I missed a few fields and had to redo some stuff then it went through.

  1. amy says

    does any one have a id code because i followed all instructions and it still says sorry can not verify your age. what am i doing wrong. thanx

  2. says

    Having trouble signing up..apparently that website doesn’t like firefox. OR I’m just dumb.


    I really wanted a lighter though. Oh well. Good stuff!

  3. Judy says


    Michele and Mike (the people that run this wonderful site).. lost everything in a house fire :( :( and could use postivie vibes and prayers sent their way… so if you pray.. please say one for them.. they are wonderful, loving people and my heart is heavy for them both. ((HUGS Mike and Michele)) I LOVE YOU BOTH :kiss: :hug:

    • Sonja1124 says

      That is horrible what happened to them. So sorry to hear that. I will keep you in my prayers. Your site is the best and you guys rock. You have saved me and my family soooooooooo much money it’s amazing! Not only do I get everything that I sign up for, but the deals in store are ridiculously Good! Not to mention that no where on the net can you see the offers that are posted on this site!
      Hopefully everything will work out for you. God will bless you! Thank you for all you guys do and all the time you put in to help others.
      Once again wishing you well!

    • Crystal says

      Really…:-( I’m so sorry that tragedy happened to such nice people like you guys.:-( I’m praying for you..I know it must be hard, but please take good care of you…

  4. Melanie says

    Did anyone have their computer mess up after requesting this lighter? Love this site! My family will pray for u. Thank u for all u do .

  5. brooklyn says

    can someone either give me the id code or make me an account please? im 18 but i really would loveee a free zippo, Thanks

    • suej says

      :uh: :run: The instructions say you have to be 21….I cant even get one at 53…how are you guys getting more than one…do you need different email addresses? What is the secret to use one email address that several people use???

      • Janene Scarborough says

        I keep getting the same thing I have been trying and trying and it just keeps saying they can’y verify my age, and need to print out a form to send in, i have no ID to put there i put my year of birth at the top, and still get that same message, everyone’s getting these no problem, i don’t get why it keeps doing this ugh…I’m 52 years old for petes sake lol

        • chequita taylor says

          i had no problem getting it to verify mine or my husband age. he’s 64 and i am 48. maybe the site was having a problem. we got a confirmation of sign up which took us to where we got to pick which lighter we wanted.

  6. Debbie says

    I am sorry for this horrible tradgedy, that happen to you both. My prayers are with you and if you need help, let us all know you have helped us~. :wavey: :hug: :hug: :pray:

  7. Susan says

    Got my Lighter today and its NO ZIppo Lighter Husband so wanted that zippo. Its all he uses. So be ware if you want a real zippo not goin to find it here.

  8. chequita taylor says

    my husbnds finally cam yesterday. a little over a month from the time it eas ordered.i haven’t gotten mine yet. have you tried contacting usa gold directly?

  9. chequita taylor says

    😀 :applau: i agree free is some-thing that is far and few between now a-days. to quote my favorite uncle, if they say some-thing is free and they charge s&h, then it ain’t free. even though it’s not a zippo, it is still a nice lighter. sure it takes a while to get it, but it is worth the wait.

  10. chequita taylor says

    my husband only waited a little over a month. they are probably backed up since it is a free offer. you got to remember thateven though they are a big company, they get back logged to. just like a certain huge name brand cigarette company. and they have a facility in richmond will come it is just taking a little longer than expected.

  11. dj says

    you have to add the fluid they cant ship it in the lighter plus its free did you expect to get gas to dang!!!!


  12. MEMEME says

    I can not get over how many people complain about getting something for nothing. I think its nice they give out anything.. the certainly dont have too…

    • Kendra says

      I really agree so many people on here complain about stuff they are getting for free. So many people feel entitled nowadays and it amazes me.
      I see people on here saying I got my free t shirt, but its not my size, that’s BS. I mean really?

      I will never understand the haters and complainers I’m just happy that we our lucky to get anything for free.

  13. Harlan says

    Well im 43 Years of age And for the strangest of reasons it said it cannot verify my age?
    A little help on how to complete this Fowl thing?

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