FREE Victoria’s Secret Mystery Reward Card at Noon EST

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**Note: Today is for the first 2,000.
Reminder: Get a FREE Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card worth $10, $50, $100 or $500 this will start April 1st- April 15th at Noon EST each day!  A total of 20,000 Reward Cards and Offers will be awarded. It doesn’t say what your card is worth, but you can use it in-store or online! –See Terms and Conditions Here and Daily Allotment Chart.

If you win You will receive an email indicating that you have received either a Card or a $10 Offer. Each Card could have a value of $50, $100, or $500. The value of a Card will be revealed at checkout.

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(Thank You, Michelle!!!)

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  1. Lara says

    This is not like the last one they had… I got in, but when I went to check my email after I submitted the form.. It said I got $10 off a $50 purchase… that is most def not a gift card..

  2. Jess says

    I seen several people from one coupon page I follow say they got anywhere from $10 OFF A PURCHASE to gift cards, one lady claimed she hit the $500 gift card. I am sure it is real because the page owner won a $50 one :) Good luck ladies.

  3. Meryl says

    got one of these a while back when they had this. $10 . my daughter also got one for $10. still something. will try again today. have to be on the dot at 12. good luck everyone

  4. SHANNON B says

    I guess I’m not very good at this because I haven’t been able to get a card yet. Last time VS did this I didn’t receive a card either. Every time I log in they are already gone. I was even on FB at noon and refreshed the page many times. But every time it said the cards are gone. I’d love to get one, but maybe it’s not in the cards (no pun intended).

  5. Katie says

    I got the one they were giving away before and it was $10 off any purchase…. I bought one of the perfumes for $12.95 and I got it for $2.95, I thought it was a good deal. Hopefully I win another one…for any amount :)

  6. arely says

    idk if the offer’s still available:( i clicked on the Victoria’s Secret but it said: Soryy, Cards are gonebut we have more at noon Est everyday! :'(

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