Lockerz Updating Prize List *10/15

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Lockerz is Updating their “Ptz Place” this Thursday, October 15, Lockerz will replenish PTZ Place with your favorite prizes from previous launches, as well as many new items.

Prizes will be restocked 4 times:
10/15/09 at 6PM EDT
10/15/09 at 9PM EDT
10/16/09 at 7AM EDT
10/16/09 at 1PM EDT
Here is a list of the Items and Rules

For those of you who have been answering their daily questions you should have enough points to get some items like the USB drives, t-shirts, nail polish sets, and more.

If you don’t have an account yet put your email into the form below to get an invite. -many of you are submitting emails that are already in their system, so if you don’t get an invite try using a different email address.

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  1. Sheri says

    I have not been able to answer any questions yet and I got an invite. Does any one out there know how to get anything on this site? Thanks a lot!

  2. lolxx says

    :bash: :uh: :eeek: :pray: 😐 :mad2: :hair: :ranting: :uh: :run: when will the genereal redmption be for november since there wasnt one for obtober???

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