Pogo 30 Day Pass & 15,000 Free tokens

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Here is the main link:

This one takes you to the page to sign up for it:

Thank you Lady_CJ  :dsman:

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  1. Lady_CJ says

    Hmmm. Isn’t that the same link I posted a couple of months ago guys? :whistle:
    Still in effect till Jan. 6th people so ya need to jump on it while ya can :thumbsup:


  2. Lady_CJ says

    This one is expired. Look at the date. It was from LAST year. That’s WHY it wouldn’t work. There IS however another 30 day Club Pogo pass available if you haven’t used it yet. Over in the left margin, click where it says…Pogo.com / Points. It’ll be the first Pogo item listed ok.

    Good Luck!!

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