FREE Pizza and Pepsi Max at Papa Johns (Claim Your Prize Here)

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Reminder/UPDATE: If you if you entered the Papa John’s Super Bowl Coin Toss Pizza Giveaway, you have until Wednesday, February 22nd to claim your code.

Get a FREE Pizza and Pepsi Max at Papa Johns  if you are a rewards member and signed up prior to the Super Bowl Coin Toss (6PM EST) then you can claim your prize here. To claim your prize just put in your email address that you used to sign up with!

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  1. Maezy says

    Will we need to select “Heads” or “Tails”, or do you think it will be ok to just enroll in Papa Johns rewards? TIA :-)

  2. Kim says

    America chose heads, so if you registered in time, 6:00 before the game starts and the coin toss is heads you win pizza and pop! gonna save my for valentine day.. so everyone wont go all at once. On Monday everyone should be burned out on pizza LOL

  3. lisa says

    All Papa Rewards member will receive an email Monday,Feb.6 detailing how to get your free pizza and pepsi MAX. Thank you to all of our great customers and NFL fans

    • Brandi L says

      Here’s what Papa Johns facebook page says:
      Excited about your free pizza? So are we! All Papa Rewards members will receive an email today around 4 PM Eastern Time with details on how to get it! You will receive a unique promo code good for a free large one-topping pizza and 2 liter Pepsi MAX. The code can be used through March 4. Enjoy!

      • Brandi L says

        Looks like they updated their timeline on facebook–it’s now a 7pm EST email:
        Heads It Is! Papa Rewards members should keep their eyes open for an email this evening after 7PM EST with instructions on how to obtain the promo code to redeem their FREE pizza and Pepsi MAX. Once received the code will be valid until March 4th, 2012. Thanks for making this the best Super Bowl ever!

    • allie says

      how did you get yours? I have not received an email or nothing and when I apply for the code it says that I am not a member even though I signed up for it before the supper bowl.

    • lauren says

      i keep tryin to.. it says there is a code. but all i see is black.. no code..i send it to my email but never receive it..

  4. AJ says

    I can’t believe we got a free pizza and a 2 liter soda!

    Went to pick it up with my printed FREE order, forgot how good the garlic dipping sauce was.

    Guys after you type in your email and the captcha code they give you, it should take you to another page where it say order now, order later, and a third one I can’t remember…Above that you should see the promotional code (12 Numbers & Letter Combo)

    Hope that helps

    Btw, when you order you should type in the promo code first then start picking the one-topping pizza and 2 liter soda (Doesn’t have to be Pepsi Max, you can pick any)

  5. Taura says

    This was well worth the two minutes it took to fill out the application!!! i have my code, and will be getting my FREE pizza and pepsi!!!! yummy

  6. storerobber says

    those who are not getting a promo code but got a dot (.) will get theirs soon. Something about their server can not handle a big volume order or to something of that retrospect.

  7. Maezy says

    Check your spam/junk folder!!! That’s where I found mine. If not, go to the link in this post and enter your email it will provide you with a code. That link was in maintenance earlier, but is now back up as I just checked it.

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