Removing a Facebook Application

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When signing up for many Freebies or Samples on Facebook you may have noticed that on several Facebook freebies you have to allow an application before you can get the sample. What you may have not noticed is that these applications are requesting your permission to do different functions in and from your Facebook account. The one that concerns me the most is the “Post to Facebook as me”. When you allow an application when registering for something (i.e samples) you can remove this immediately from your Facebook account.

Personally I have no applications in my account. If something requires an application to register, I then removed it immediately.

We have the step by step procedure for removing these application below.

  • When you allow the App notice you are allowing the App owner to post as you on Facebook

How to Remove a Facebook App

  • First you will need to go to your Privacy Settings
    • Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your screen,next to where it says Home.
    • Then click on Privacy Settings

  • Next scroll down the page to where it says “Apps and Websites”
    • Click on Edit Settings

  • Next: Under the Apps You Use Section
    • Click on Edit Settings

  • Then find the App you want to remove (if it is a App you just allowed it will be right at the top)
    • Click the small box with “X” next to Edit to remove this APP

  • Then it will ask you to Remove the App.
    • Click the Remove Button

  • You have now successfully removed the App. You can just repeat the steps to remove any other App you may want to remove.

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