Hunt4Freebies Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway DVD Giveaway

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**Update: Five (5) lucky Hunt4freebies readers will win a Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway DVD! Also you enter daily for a chance to win the World of Thomas in his Biggest Fan Contest on the Thomas & Friends™ page!

Enter for a chance to win the Hunt4Freebies Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway DVD Giveaway! Five (5) lucky Hunt4freebies readers will win a Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway DVD. Ends October 14th, 2013. Good Luck!!

To enter:

Visit the Thomas site on Walmart and explore the products, then post a comment here about items you would like to win from the World of Thomas in his Biggest Fan Sweeps. Once you comment, you will be entered.
Two readers will be randomly selected from the comments posted, you will be contacted via your email to confirm your information.

Make sure you also enter daily for a chance to win the World of Thomas in his Biggest Fan Contest on the Thomas & Friends™ page! Ends October 18th, 2013.

The entire Thomas & Friends™ product line, including all kinds of products from bedding, to clothes, toys, movies, school gear and more. That’s up to $3,000 in Thomas merchandise for your little engineer!

Also try out the FUN Thomas & Friends™ Interactive Soundboard with your kids.

(Thank You, lunchbox™ and Walmart)

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  1. Shawna Lewis says

    My lil Gianna loves anything Thomas!!
    She would absolutely love the Hit Entertainment Thomas & Friends Erasable Activity Table and Chairs Set

    Thank you for everything you do! This mama of 3 appreciates it!! I recently won a Cystex t shirt also.

  2. shelly gladden says

    Oh my goodness! My little 3 year old LOVES Thomas the Train. He has his heart set on the The Castle Quest Playset. He just started getting into Thomas iver the summer & loves watching it on PBS Kids.

  3. Tasha Post says

    Anything Thomas makes both of my children happy!!! My kids enjoy Thomas down to just listening to the music!!! Thomas movies are the ONLY movie they will watch completely – dancing to every song!!!! Both of their first birthdays were Thomas themed and they have some Thomas clothes, movies, blankets and dishes and a few toys that are all getting wore out due to so much use!

    You would have 2 grateful little kids and one grateful happy mama!!!

  4. Teresa Altizer says

    Anything Thomas – have the bathtub playset, many engines……my grandson loves Thomas, wants Castle Quest, glow light would also be nice….oh and he has the Thomas bed here at my house!!

  5. Cathey Livezey says

    My grandson, Eli, just told me last weekend that he really wants the Thomas Castle Quest play set. He is a HUGE Thomas fan!

  6. carissa says

    my little guys go crazy for anything Thomas the Train they would love absolutely anything that has Thomas on it but if I had to pick they would love the { playhut Thomas the tank play vehicle!! It looks awesome

  7. Danell Elswick says

    My little guy, Kaiden, would love the sheet set as he is in love with Thomas and all of his friends. Would be a great gift for his Birthday next month.

  8. Melissa says

    I would love the Thomas throw, light, and train sets, and riding toy for my nephews! They love Thomas! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Claudia says

    My son would love the Thomas and friends toddler bedroom collection, he just told me he doesn’t want to sleep in his Sesame street bedroom anymore “cause its not Thomas!” But I’m pretty sure he would settle for the Thomas the tank engine Giant stick and peel wall decall with hooks 😉

  10. Amber Peters says

    Our handsome 3 yr old Torin would like the twin bed set Thomas the train, wall decal & curtains! He loves Thomas & wants a Thomas the train room. Wish I will win!

  11. amanda says

    all three of my little ones loves Thomas. were not picky they love the clothes, shoes, toys. this is a great offer since its so close to Christmas!!

  12. Preethi says

    My Dad loved it wen he was a kid, I loved it, and my daughter loves it too.. And my husband says he had Thomas train collection too… Doesnt it say enough!!!

  13. Marsha B says

    My nephew eats sleeps and lives for Thomas and his friends. He wants nothing to do with anything that is not trains. This is perfect for him!

  14. Sidney's Momma says

    Sidney says she wants to go to Sodor and spend the day with Thomas and meet all of his friends. Sidney is 3, when I put her in my lap and scrolled through the Thomas collection, she repeated “Thomas, Thomas until we reached the books. “Thomas, a book to read!” So, outside of actually spending the day on the Island of Sodor, it appears she would like to put herself there in dreams as mommy reads her to sleep.

  15. C says

    I really would like to win something for my grandsons, they are going through a divorce and this would really help them smile.

  16. Jessica Woodard says

    My daughter loves everything Thomas, We are currently collecting the take along sets and would love to have more of them!

  17. Jennie says

    I would love to get the Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends 5-Character Bundle Play Set for my nephew. He is 6 and just loves Thomas.

  18. karen Heim says

    Any thing from Thomas would be great to win so glad he has made a come back since my kids were kids. Saved all Thomas stuff for my grandkids.

  19. Tiffany says

    Since we are redecorating my son’s room into a Thomas room, I would like the twin bedding set and fleece throw. But, a few more Thomas toys would probably make him happy. And of course he DVD!

  20. Brittany says

    I think my children would like some blankets to keep them warm for the winter and toys to play with. It’d be great to win :)

  21. CrazyC says

    Anything Would Be Nice. I like the movies(the movie pack Hero of the rails. the great discovery movie calling all engines) and the toy Cars (talking James Engine)

  22. Lindzi DeMarcus says

    My little girl and I would love to win the Thomas 3 piece furniture set, power wheels, or ball pit! Reagan loves her Thomas DVD’s, plush toys and train sets!

  23. Lisa Marie Berry says

    Anything would be wonderful. I love the twin comforter or the fleece throw or Pop Goes Thomas dvd or King of the Railway dvd or Mountain Mystery dvd or Lion of Sodor DVD or Halloween Delivery DVD or Go Go Thomas DVD or Whobbly Wheels and Whistles DVD or Up Up And Away or Thomas In Charge or Secret of the Green Engine DVD. :) …I think I just killed 2 birds with one stone and found options for my son’s Christmas list. :)

  24. Ana Jackson says

    My 1 1/2 year old son adores Thomas! He loves all types of trains and I’m thinking of doing a Thomas & Friends themed birthday party for his 2nd birthday. I know he would love the nightlight and the Thomas power wheel as he’s already seen it in Wal Mart. Yay for Thomas!

  25. Rebecca Hartman-Raymond says

    My 2 1/2 yr old is a HUGE Thomas fan. We watch it daily-have blankets-and a few toys-just started to collect at Christmas time last year. He loves seeing trains too-sings the song whenever the episode comes on. I cant name just one thing at walmart that he would love because if I had my way we would get him the whole train set-all the trains-DVD’s-wall decorations soon to be a big boy bed set-there isnt one thing he wouldnt love and use regularly! Good Luck to everyone!!!

  26. seraiah mann says

    Thomas & Friends Toddler Bedroom Collection – Value Bundle…i could get my 3yr son out of my bed and to this he lives to thomas the train lol

  27. Shasta H says

    All of the little toddler chairs are adorable, my 18 month old loves to sit on things. Having his own little Choo-Choo chair would be so adorable. And of course the little books. He loves books too.

  28. Lauren Groce says

    Would love to have the Thomas and friends king railway dvd, and the thomas engine at Sodor playset. I WOULD LIKE to collect all the engines for Ayden, Ethan, and Wesley.

  29. Nadine Forget says

    Like to win Thomas the Tank Engine Recliner, Hit Entertainment Thomas & Friends Erasable Activity Table & Chairs, Thomas & Friends Toddler Bedroom Collection-Value Bundle, Thomas & Friends Dvd and lots of other items. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  30. Jennifer McCann says

    My son would love the movie, Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway, while watching it he would be thrilled to sit in the Thomas the Tank Engine Recliner! He would also love to play in the
    Thomas the Tank Engine Master of the Railway Inflatable Ball Pit!

  31. April says

    Oh wow if I could only win a Fisher-Price Thomas Tough Trike my darling grandson would love this for Christmas as I am on a fixed budget the likely hood of me getting him anything near as nice is nill.

  32. marwa swelam says

    my son would really love the Fisher-Price Thomas Castle Quest Play Set, he loves anything has to do with Thomas he keeps singing the song all long

  33. brenda says

    Thomas The Train is my grandson’s favorite, It doesn’t matter if It’s a toy ,a shirt with Thomas on It, or what ever, he loves them all. We have a hard time taking him shopping, If he see’s Thomas he has to have it.

  34. Jessica says

    My 5 year old loves all things Thomas!! He is asking for the Castle Quest Play set for his birthday, and the “King of the Railway” movie. I would love to add the Erasable table and chair set to his bedroom. Thanks!!

  35. Amie says

    My toddler would love the Thomas & Friends Toddler Bedroom Collection and the 3-Piece Sofa, Chair and Ottoman Set. He LOVES Thomas & Friends.

  36. Teresa DeVos says


  37. Shelly Knapp says

    I have two boys that love Thomas the Train more than anything. They would be happy with any Thomas the train toys or bedroom items.

  38. Marisela Galvan says

    This is the most crazy awesome giveaway EVER! My little man is completely fascinated with all things Thomas and Friends. He watches his Thomas movie pick, when its over I’m pulled and bribed to watch the ending interview with the two lady’s surprising a little boy with a Thomas room Makeover. He gets so happy and excited for That kid. So If given the opportunity I’pick the Thomas bedroom furniture and the deluxe big tricycle. But ionosphere my little Guy would love any one of those things.

  39. Terri says

    Thomas is an old friend in our household. My husband and I both watched Thomas growing up and now our little boy enjoys him just as much as we did. He would really like the GoGlow Night Light. Thanks Hunt4Freebies for having this giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  40. Angela.O says

    My three year old said “WoooW”!!! When he seen the Thomas the tank engine products.He loves all of it from movies to die cast trains and Thomas bedding.We both liked the Thomas the Tank Engine 3-piece toddler set.We would be grateful to have a chance to win anything.His morning routine is watching Thomas the Tank engine and playing with his Thomas and Friends Trains.

  41. Maricela G says

    my son and I saw a commercial for the Thomas King of the Railway DVD last night ! He would love that and the GoGlow light

  42. Jackie Gilbert says

    My son is 5 and his last name is King. Well, he is on this “King” kick where he runs around pretending he is King of the castle with a sword and all (empty paper towel roll). LOL So the moment I saw the “Fisher-Price Thomas Castle Quest Play Set” I knew it was the exact thing he wanted.
    Thanks for the chance, and for all you do.

  43. Patty says

    I entered the Thomas sweepstakes for my son, Charles, who is a HUGE fan! If we were to win, he would like some Thomas movies, a train set, a bedding set and a flashlight!!

  44. Angela says

    My nephew absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine and would love to win. I looked through the awesome Thomas items on the Walmart website for the sweepstakes and it would be difficult to narrow down what I would choose for him! I know he would love some movies, the little table and chair set, the GoGlow night light, the light up talking Thomas and some of the wall decal stickers. Please choose me so my nephew can win some really neat Thomas gear and so I can become his favorite Auntie!!

  45. D. Daniel says

    PICK ME!!!

    I would like to win: The Thomas & Friends Toddler Bedroom Collection, Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Lights and Sounds Trike, and Thomas & Friends Mega Bloks All Aboard at Tidmouth Sheds Play Set, among other things.


  46. Stancie Z. says

    I would love to win any of the Thomas & Friends items for my son! My son’s birthday is coming up, he is turning 3 on November 5th and loves Tomas and Friends! He would be so happy to get any think that had to do with Thomas. I think the 3 piece toddler furniture set would look so cute in his room. He would just love the power wheels too!

  47. Amanda says

    I have 3 boys who are just crazy for Thomas the train stuff. They would love the 3 piece toddler set. It would be perfect for them.

  48. Allison says

    Oh man, they make mega block Thomas toys? Yes, my 2 year old would take one of each of those please and thank you! 😉

  49. Mei says

    My two boys absolutely love Thomas & Friends. They have some of the collection and I know they would be happy and thrilled if they were to win this. Thanks for hosting!

  50. Andy says

    I had my 3 year old son Zaiden’s help he said Dad I want that that and that most of all I want the Thomas bike so I don’t have to ride a pink one lol

  51. Sonja Brannen says

    I’d like to get my son Thomas the train bedroom set. My son eats sleeps thinks Thomas 24/7. We go to day out with Thomas every August in boothbay harbor maine.

  52. Michelle H says

    My son would love the Fisher Price Thomas Power Wheels! The Thomas Inflatable Ball Pit also looked like fun. Pretty soon he’ll be transferring to a “big boy” bed so the Thomas Bedding also looked great! Thank you!

  53. roun says

    I would love everything with Thomas. I have a daughter but for some reason she loves everything Thomas the Train. IF its between a princess doll or thomas ITs definitely Thomas:)

  54. Marla says

    The twins have just recently fell in love with Thomas and since they have only some of the smaller things so far I would have to say just about anything Thomas would be great to them. Thank God for Hunt4freebies and everything you do to help so many households. I just want you to know how appreciative we are. I feel like we are best friends!

  55. Erin Raw says

    My son LOVE Thomas! Everything is great but he would love the Thomas the Tank Engine Master of the Railway Inflatable Ball Pit… :)

  56. Angela.O says

    My 3 year old is excited about Thomas & Friends anytime.From die cast trains,reading Thomas & Friends story books.Thomas sippy cup and the whole nine yards.He loves the Thomas & friends building blocks most of all.He plays with them every day with his 7 year old brother.I love these building blocks because their learning toys for children.We would love to win anything it would be awesome.Please we would love to win!!!

  57. Beth Farr says

    The Fisher Price Tough Trike, any movies, books, power wheel and bedding sets. My daughter loves Thomas and trains period. She would love anything Thomas!!

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