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Tips for getting free stuff

Here are some recommendations for you when signing up for free stuff either from this site, or somewhere else on the internet.

1) Do not use your real phone number, unless you either want to hear from the company, or know that you need to verify in order to receive the free item you requested. An easy way around this would be to sign up for a account, which lets you get a free phone number, and you can check your voicemail online. This way you can avoid getting telemarketing calls at home.  Another free service you can use is google voice – google voice is a fantastic service.

2) Make an extra email address, through a place such as Hotmail, or Gmail. This will keep you from getting any spam in your normal email account.

3) Looking to get some free stuff on your own? Email or call the company your interested in. Many companies offer coupons and free samples.

4) Get Firefox with Google Toolbar so you can use the autofill feature. This will allow you to sign up for a TON of free stuff without much effort!  A fantastic auto fill option is RoboForm this is what I personally use – I love it!  It is a blessing.

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