FREE Reach Dental Floss at Walmart and Target

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Updated: This coupon has reset, so you can print the coupon again.

Walmart and Target have Reach Floss for $0.99, plus there is a $1 off ANY Reach Floss Printable Coupon, making these FREE after the coupon!

Buy (1) Reach Floss at $0.99
Use (1) $1 off ANY Reach Floss Printable Coupon
FREE after coupon!
Reach Floss Coupon

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  1. April says

    Anybody else have any trouble using printed coupons that make the item free? When I try to use them at Walmart (have tried at different area ones) I am always given a hard time and they act like I am trying to use a fake coupon. The last time I printed the limit of two and the cashier would only take one, stating it was “one per purchase”. I explained I was purchasing two, but she said I could only use one. I used the second coupon in the next aisle and after the transaction she came over and told the cashier that he should not take “those internet coupons” when it results in a free item. Another time I had a coupon for $1.00 off an item that was 99 cents. Would not scan properly. Cashier said it was probably because the coupon was for more than the purchase amount and would not take it as it would not scan. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with these issues and any hints on making the transaction go smoother would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Katie says

      I have trouble too… walmart is the worst… I even have trouble using the real coupons that come in the Sunday newspaper… its ridiculous… Kroger never really hassles me

  2. freebielover says

    Hi April, I don’t know about Walmart but I’ve never had any problems redeeming coupons at Target. Never had a problem redeeming coupons worth more than the item (e.g. $1.00 coupon off a $0.99 product). Sometimes they beep but managers always find a way to get the coupon to work. Maybe it depends which Targets. The ones here in Los Angeles never give me a hard time. Good luck though!

  3. Lulu says

    Target is really good about coupons. Last time I was there I had almost $30 in coupons on an $80 order and the cashier even said kudos to me on my couponing. Stores get reimbursed by the manufacturers. Those WallyWorld cashiers seem to be under the impression that it comes out of their paycheck. Boycotting is the best revenge.

  4. Evangeline says

    Walmart cashiers and managers don’t even know their own coupon policies. I went with a competitors coupon and in their coupon policy it CLEARLY states they accept competitors coupons. Two cashiers told me that the assistant manager said they don’t accept them unless they’re manufacturers coupons. I recommend taking a copy of the policy when you go in!

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