Wholly Guacamole Cooler Prize Pack Giveaway (4 Winners)

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Wholly Guacamole is doing again, they have offered us (4) Cooler Prize Packs to giveaway to (4) lucky Hunt4Freebies readers.
*Note: Cooler will be different, but products will be the same as above picture.

To Enter:
1.) “LIKE” Hunt4Freebies and Wholly Guacamole on Facebook
2.) Visit eatwholly.com and check out their line of products.
3.) Leave a comment on this post letting us know what is your favorite Wholly Guacamole Product is.

**We will randomly draw 4 winners using random.org
Winners will receive a Cooler of  Wholly Guacamole products
Winners will be drawn on February 14, 2011. Winners will be contacted via email.

Thank You, Wholly Guacamole

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  1. says

    I don’t know that there are any products I wouldn’t like, because guacamole is almost always awesome, but if I have to pick one, I pick Pico Style.

  2. Kathy says

    I “liked” Hunt4Freebies and Wholly Guacamole on Facebook forever ago :) I entered last time and didn’t win, hoping this time is the charm!! My favorite product is Guaca Salsa, this has all my fav ingredients and tastes amazing!!

  3. B. Crelly says

    We’ve only ever had the Classic Guacamole that we pick up from Costco, it’s my second layer in my 7 Layer Bean Dip!

  4. Ken Bise says

    I really like the Wholly Guacamole Spicy. It goes great with any type of mexican food or just by itself with tortilla chips.

  5. patricia bennett says

    I have to say they all sound so good but Ive never had the pleasure of trying them. im a huge Salsa fan and my better half loves some good Guacamole. cant wait to try them if I win!

  6. Hui-yen H. says

    I like both on facebook and I think “Wholly Guacamole Spicy” might be my favorite Wholly Guacamole Product because I like hot. 😀

  7. billy elliott says

    Thanks for bringing this great site to all of us. In today’s hard times, every little bit helps. I am on your facebook page and also joined wholly guacamole’s page > going to make dinner with chicken fajitas and guacamole and watch for a new freebie.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Diane Balding says

    Love the Wholly Guacamole 100 calories packs but I LOVE all of them they are soooooooooooo :bowdown: Good!!!!!!
    :yum: :please: :fingersx:

  9. a.perry says

    I always choose the Pico de Gallo Style cuz it’s so yummy. 😀
    I think i’m going to make spicy chicken burritos for dinner tonight!

  10. Pat says

    When I by Wholly Guacamole it doesnt last long enough to oxidize, I do always add a little lemon juice to it to help provent it truning but it is delicious.

  11. Shell says

    I’ve never tried anything besides Wholly Salsa… and I looove salsa, but I would also love to try all the other products!!!

  12. rose says

    My fave is the Pico De Gallo Wholly Guacamole. I love that it has cilantro and a little kick of jalapeno. Would really like to win this and share it with my family during a party watching March Madness basketball.

  13. Bri says

    I don’t know there is an item in their product line that I don’t like, but I am rather partial to the classic guac in the snack packs. It is great to pack in the kids lunches or bring to school with me! Love it!!

  14. Sally says

    Awesome freebie! Thanks Hunt4Freebies and Wholly Guacamole. Guacamole is awesome! My favorite product of theirs is The Classic Guacamole.

  15. Gina Wayne says

    My favorite Wholly Guacamole Product would be the Wholly Salsa
    Hot; it should go great with any type of mexican food or just by itself with tortilla chips.
    We can’t help but to like it HOT!

  16. Love Breezy says

    Wholly Gaucamole just makes me wholle. Either Spicy or Regular–depends on my dining partners–usually spicy for my hot friends!

  17. Chantrell says

    I love the Spicy Wholly Guacamole. In my area it can be extremely hard to find. So when I do find it, it’s a great night at my house.

  18. christy karch says

    Wholly Guacamole
    Guaca Salsa
    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Cant live without it, ate when preg loved it then baby loves it now!!

  19. Chloe says

    My favorite is the spicy, but my hubby likes the regular. To settle which flavor was the best my hubby and I put both out at our Superbowl party and wagered post-party cleanup duties on whichever flavor was the favorite of our guests. I guess we both won because both were gone before halftime!

  20. Taryn says

    What is not to LOVE about Wholly Guacamole?! This stuff tastes good on anything and everything. It even tastes good on its own. :)

  21. Cindy Vaughn says

    I would definitely say that the Wholly Salsa Mild Snack Pack would be my favorite. I can take it to work or for my son for his chips in the car.

  22. ethel kinder says

    i believe i would like the double dip because it has two flavors & i like the idea of getting two things for the price of one lol

  23. Jennifer says

    i love the mild guacamole. it’s the only one that’s vegetarian! their salsa is out of this world…soooo chunky and fresh! i mix them together and add my cheese (lactose-intolerant) and pour that on chips to make quick nachos!

  24. Erin McClain says

    I love their classic Guac. I also LOVE their company! They have awesome customer service. I received a coupon for a free Wholly product, but couldn’t find it at my store. The coupon expired and I emailed the company, not only did they send me a new coupon they told me where I could find their products (Kroger in my area) and they were soooo NICE! I highly recommend buying their products, you will love them and it feels good to support a business that cares about it’s customers.

  25. Pavlina says

    So far I’ve tried only double dip but cuz I like that A LOT ( :yum: ) I’m going to try the other flavors too. Viva Wholly!

  26. bnkb1100 says

    I LOVE Wholly Guacamole Classic! It is by far the BEST guacamole I have ever had!! I love to pair it with Wholly Salsa in Mild or Medium. You cannot go wrong. So fresh, so yummy!! Tastes like I just made it. Priced great! Such a treat!

  27. says

    I love the original the best!!! Its really good with tortilla chips and awesome on burgers!!! Had some for the superbowl this year and was a total hit with the friends!!!

  28. Dyane says

    Wholly Guacamole ~ Guacamole is the BEST “Green Stuff ever!! Forget the ‘double dip’…. Get a chip, get a knife, get some and spread it on!! Have to cover the “whole” chip!!! Simply Epic!!

  29. Debby M says

    I love the Original Wholly Guacamole….but also love the 100 calorie packs, so that I can take it with me ANYWHERE. Oh Yeah! What did I do before they made this stuff?

  30. Jason Barton says

    Have to love the Spicey!!!!! Also i love the 100 callorie. Same great taste only a fraction of the calories. If I win, Party at my place and every one is invited!!!

  31. Meena Rao says

    I admit I’ve never tried Wholly Guacamole before, but would love to try some. After browsing through their products, I think Wholly Guacamole Spicy sounds great. I would love to try it. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  32. Timothy E. Brickner says


  33. says

    I love the Classic Wholly Guacamole. I haven’t tried the salsa yet, but would love to. It’s got to be as good as the guacamole. Great stuff. If you haven’t tried it, you really should. There is nothing better.

  34. Charlotte Griffin says

    I LOVE the Wholly Guacamole Classic AND Salsa. We love to add it to our homemade breakfast burritos!!! YUMMY!!!

  35. Brigette says

    YUM!! I actually love them all and to pick one was hard.. I had to pick the organic variety for health reasons but I love them all..

  36. Dawn Peck says

    Wholly Guacamole
    Guaca Salsa

    It is something that pleases everyone – not too spicy but not blah and bland either. Something for everyone’s pallet.

  37. Dianna Alfarano says

    I love all their products but my favorite is Wholly Queso
    Blanco I love it so much just hand me a spoon YUMMY

  38. says

    I personally LOVE LOVE THE CLASSIC with just a really good white tortilla chip ! My husband and my daughter like the spicy also…but where we live the only place we can find it is walmart so when we go we stock up! I love this prize package…cooler would be great for beach trip and picnics at the park :thumbsup: :pray:

  39. rich washington says

    I am a huge fan of the Queso dip. Could be a tad thicker so that it would stick to the chip more but has great flavor with a nice light spice heat finish.

  40. Sieglinde says

    Have not tried yet but with all the wonderful comments I hope I win if not I will order some. Yummy I love Guacamole.

  41. Twinke Karas says

    My family and I have been eating the Wholly Guacamole Spicy for a long time. When my twins were old enough, I started feeding them the Wholly Guacamole Classic. They don’t go a day without it!

  42. TERESA says

    I can’t get enough of the wholly spicy. My family uses it on everything from baked potatoes to even the brocolli and cheese.

  43. says

    I’m afraid I’ve never tried this brand, but I love guacamole, and I’d love to try the spicy variety! I’m already a fan on Facebook from the previous Wholly Guacamole contest, but I hope this time I win!

  44. Joann Bally says

    Like H4F and WG on Facebook.
    It all looks good but I would have to go with the guac if I had to pick one,
    but the queso and salsa look awesome too.
    Pick me, pick me. :)

  45. Angel Bermudez says

    Me and my family love Wholly Guacamole Guaca Salsa. It is perfect for serving Chips and Dip before watching our favorite sports or programs. It is especially nice when friends come over. They always complement us on serving Wholly Guacamole Guaca Salsa.

  46. bettyjomama says

    h4f–I love you ! Wholly Guacamole is a far away 2nd. I love the 100 calorie snack packs. Thank you. :thumbsup:

    • says

      Wholly Guacamole

      I love it spicy since after living with a family of Mexican Americans for a while in California, as I have never tasted such good appetizers in my life!!!

  47. Francesca Leysath says

    OHHHH Where do I begin…..The Original Wholly Guacamole is incredibly YUMMY!! And the SPICY Wholly Guacamole is incredibly DELICIOUS!!!!!! I have brought wholly guacamole to everyone of my friends houses for partys and now they are all HOOKED :) LOVE LOVE LOVE MY WHOLLY GUACAMOLE:)

  48. Patricia M says

    I <3 the Wholly Guacamole Spicy! For sure it is just enough kick to make it awesome.

    I have been a fan of both sites for awhile.

  49. says

    I like Hunt4Freebies and Wholly Guacamole on Facebook. I also checked out their site. My fave product is their organic Wholly Guacamole. It is so yummy!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  50. Jessica Stanley says

    My favorite is Wholly Guacamole Classic! Best guacamole EVER! I eat it on sandwiches, nachos, by itself, tacos, taco salads. there isnt anything that Wholly’s Guacamole doesnt make better!

  51. Bekah says

    Oh yeah..I also REALLY LOVE love the Pico/Guac. mix! I first tried stuff like that when I lived in Arizona near a Trader Joes. We moved back East around 5 years ago and the closest Trader Joes is 2 hrs away! Then one time I was in the store and saw that Wholly Guac. had the same product!! AWESOME!!

  52. Renee says

    I love the wholly guacamole 100 calorie packs. You can freeze them, they thaw quickly, and have great guacamole in no time.

  53. Kelly says

    I’d have to say it’s a tie between the Wholly Guacamole Classic and the 100 Calorie packs. The best part is that my kids love it just as much as I do!

  54. alex says

    I love Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie snack packs and how easy they are to take with me to work, baseball and on trip. There are so many uses for it and they taste cant be beat.

  55. says

    The favorite in our household is CLASSIC! It is wonderful as a dip….as a spread for yummy sandwiches….and in salads! My teenage daughter has a serious (but healthy) addiction to WHOLLY GUACAMOLE! Lol!

  56. Diana says

    I’m a fan of your 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole since i am watching what i eat this by far satisfies my hunger taste buds and keeps me eating healthy! Thank you for making such a fabulous dip

  57. lauren mitchell says

    Wholly Guacamole
    Guaca Salsa

    has got to be my favorite.. put it on some tortillas and we are great.. i love to have that when i am watching me some movies..

    thanks hunt4freebies u guys are the best.. happy valentines..

  58. mary says

    I love the regular guacamole, using it in everything…I would be thrilled to be selected..avocados are so good for a person…happy valentine’s day too…wow whee!

  59. Mindy says

    I don’t think I could pick a favorite. They’re all so good, but I use a lot of the Wholly Guacamole Classic. 😀

  60. Nathan says

    You can never go wrong bringing Wholly Guacamole’s classic pack to parties. I’ve only ever heard compliments about it.

  61. Sarah Bobo says

    I have ate the Guacamole may times and when I ate meat I loved it. It was very good. Time for some more. Got some?

  62. Dez Tea says

    I love Wholly Guacamole! I put it on a lot of foods: Nachos, Tacos, Hamburgers, Salads, or just eat it by itself with chips. It’s great (and easy) for parties. GOOD STUFF!

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